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hutning in poland

LUPUS Hunting

Hunting in Poland

Hunting trips 


"I'm not just an indifferent observer trying to get closer to nature...

...I'm a HUNTER. I am a PART of the NATURE."



LUPUS Hunting agency offers You remarkable hunting experience. Breathtaking sights, great trophies and top service awaits You in Pomeranian forests and fields. Step outside and be a part of the Nature.

hutning in poland
Individual roebuck hunting

Proven hunting grounds and 1:1 exprerienced stalkers are a guarantee of succcessful roebuck hunt. A great variety of terrain gives a wide offer of bucks - from small to medalclass.

The roebucks season starts on 11.05 and lasts till 30.09.

The roebuck hunting can be calculated according to the pricelist or I can arrange a fix price if You want.
For more details contact me

hutning in poland
Individual redstag hunting


Meeting the King of Polish forests is a remarable view and Pomerania region is well know across the coutry of it's redstags and experienced hunters give You the oppourtunity of stalking a medalclass stag.

The redstag season starts on 21.08. and lasts till 28.02.

The redstag hunting is usually calculated according to the pricelist.

hutning in poland
Additional options


During the individual roebuck or redstag hunting You can also hunt other game such as:

  • wildboars,

  • predators,

  • reddeer hinds,

  • reddeer calfs,

  • roedeer does,

  • roedeer kids.

according to the species hunting season and pricelist.


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