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hutning in poland

LUPUS Hunting

Hunting in Poland

Hunting trips 


Individual hunting is organized in proven hunting grounds and 1:1 stalkers are experienced hunters usually equiped wih 4x4 cars.

During the driven hunting hunters travel by one vehicle or by cars and the beaters travel separately. There is a group responsible for picking up the animals You shoot and a trained dog to search for the wounded animals.


Total cost are calculated according to the pricelist but if You wish I can prepare a FIX price esspecially for You or Your group.

hutning in poland
hutning in poland


Hunting season in Poland:


Red deer stag :21 Aug - 28 Feb

Red deer hind :1 Oct - 15 Jan

Red deer calf :1 Oct - 28 Feb

Roe buck:11 May - 30 Sep

Roe doe/kid :1 Oct - 15 Jan

Fallow deer stag :1 Oct - 31 Jan

Fallow deer hind:1 Oct - 15 Jan

Fallow deer calf:1 Oct - 15 Jan

Wild boar tusker/hogget :1 Apr - 28 Feb

Wild boar sow :15 Aug - 15 Jan

Driven boars :1 Oct - 15 Jan

Fox :1 Jul - 31 Mar

Pheasant male :1 Oct - 28 Feb

Pheasant female :1 Oct - 31 Jan

Wild goose :1 Sep - 21 Dec

Wild duck :15 Aug - 21 Dec

Hare :1 Nov - 31 Dec

Raccoon dog :1 Aug - 31 Mar

Badger :1 Aug - 31 Mar




hutning in poland

The places where You're going to stay are being very carefully chosen (usually within or nearby the hunting grounds) so that You will be fully satisfied. Hotels, hunting houses or palaces have very high standard are well prepared to fullfill the expectations of a hunter after a whole-day hunting.

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